CBHE Virtual Fair 2021

The Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) Virtual Fair took successfully place from 26 – 27 October 2021, raising awareness and inspiring on how results of CBHE projects can improve the Higher Education sector in Partner countries. Thematic sessions showcased best practices and results achieved by 2015-2020 funded projects. 
Please find below the recordings of the plenary sessions as well as the ‘Project Results’ sessions including the presentations from the CBHE Virtual Fair. In the first section you will find the presentations with recordings grouped by day and session held, at the bottom of this page you can find the presentations sorted in alphabetical order of the projects. 
Download the booklet including all presented projects, their contents and speakers HERE (simply right-click the link and choose ‘save under’).

Day 1

Day 2

26 October 2021

Plenary Session Day 1

Presentations by 

Project Results Day 1​

Health I

Agriculture & Food I

Engineering I


Teachers Education

Transport Engineering

Political, Social & Economic Science I


Speaking Session I

Innovative Teaching

Environment I

Agriculture & Food II

Spanish Speaking Session I

Skills for the 21st Century I

Training Sessions Day 1

Dual Study Programmes

Plagiarism Detection

Open Educational Resources

Remote Labs I

Internatio-nalisation at Home I

Problem-Based Training​

Internatio-nalisation (in Spanish & English)

Digitalisation in Medical Studien

27 October 2021

Plenary Session Day 2

Presentation by 

Project Results Day 2

Engineering II

Agriculture & Food III

Internatio-nalisation Strategies

Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups

Skills for the 21st Century II

Environment II

Political, Social & Economic Science II

Internatio-nalisation at Home II

HEI Govern-
ance & New
Sciences I

French Speaking Session II

Health II

Spanish Speaking Session II

HEI Gover-
nance & New Sciences II


Training Sessions Day 2

Innovative Teaching Methods

Inclusive City Building

Remote Labs II

Critial Learning in Public Health​

Empowering Female Leadership​

Entrepre-neurship Education

Innovative & Digital Teaching

Woman Involvement in STEM

Projects in alphabetical order

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